Why Eating Healthy Can Give Your Children a Longer and Better Quality Life

fuel Mar 15, 2023
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Eating healthy is one of the top contributors to a longer, higher quality life. It may seem like what you put in your mouth can’t be that important, but more and more studies are finding that what you eat has farther reaching implications than we’ve ever thought—and it could just be the secret to tacking on extra years to your life. 🌳


8 Ways Good Nutrition Changes Your Life 📝


  1. It Improves Your Overall Health ❤️

Good nutrition helps you function at your very best. There isn’t an area of your life that nutrition doesn’t affect in one way or another. Your work, your play, your relationships, how you feel and think—nutrition plays a role in all of these areas.

Your mood can be especially affected by your diet, so what you eat could just make the difference between feeling like you’re having a bad day, or a good one.


  1. It Fights Unhealthy Weight Gain 🧘🏼‍♀️

Unhealthy weight gain can limit us in many ways. It can be in little ways like not being able to fit into those pants you love, or in big ways, like not being able to go hiking with your kids or grandkids.

Good nutrition keeps your body’s function more balanced, helping you feel full for longer, and process your food in a way that helps you absorb the most nutrients. This allows you to manage your weight gain, and enjoy a healthier, more fit lifestyle.




  1. It Boosts Your Immune System 🥣

Your diet is the #1 factor in determining your immune health (aside from a pre-existing genetic disorder). The many vitamins and minerals found in a healthy diet fuel your body to fight disease and inflammation, helping you stay healthy to enjoy the things you love—and helping you not miss out due to frequent illness.


  1. It Increases Your Energy 🚴🏼‍♀️

A healthy diet can be a huge boost to your energy levels. The right mix of complex carbs and protein gives you increased energy over longer periods of time, allowing you to feel great throughout your day. The right nutrition can also help you sleep better at night, boosting your energy that way as well, and helping you feel more rested.


  1. It Lowers The Risk Of Chronic Disease 🤒

Perhaps one of the most critical ways good nutrition changes your life is by reducing your risk for common chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. A healthy diet helps your body fight chronic inflammation, the main culprit behind most of these diseases. By reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system, and strengthening the overall functioning of your body, a healthy diet can help you retain your health, even in the middle of a culture plagued with chronic diseases.


  1. It Saves Money 🤑

Because unhealthy diets lead to chronic diseases, eating healthy can save you tons of money on medications and medical procedures. While eating healthy might cost a little more upfront, an unhealthy diet costs a whole lot more down the road. It’s truly an investment to treat your body right using the resources you have right now. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for it in the years to come.

If you’re working toward eating healthier on a budget, check out our blog on the topic here.


  1. It Helps You Concentrate 💡

The function of our brains depends enormously on our diets. You can recall those foggy days when thinking was just plain hard. You were probably dehydrated, or running on poor or insufficient fuel. The right fuel can work wonders with your ability to focus, and can even increase your endurance and self-control. 


  1. At Any Age, A Healthy Diet Can Extend Your Life 🔥

New studies are finding that eating healthy whole foods is at the top of the list when it comes to longevity. By switching to an optimal diet at age twenty, a recent study showed a life expectancy boost of up to ten years. For middle-aged people who made the switch, they added six to seven years to their lives. Even those in their seventies and eighties could expect to tack on another two or three years to their lives by improving their diet. No matter how old you are, good nutrition can increase your quality of life, and help you live longer.

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How To Harness The Power Of Good Nutrition 🚀

Now that the benefits of good nutrition are obvious, it’s time to take a look at how to practically make the needed changes to enjoy those benefits. Change isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. Starting simple with small changes is the key to building long-term habits.




A Practical Step Toward Better Health 🦶🏼

If you’re looking for a practical step toward eating healthy as a lifestyle, we’d encourage you to check out our Simple Eats Course. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about nutrition over the years, and boiled down the best parts into one, simple program. You’ll find menus, grocery lists, recipe books, lessons, and much more.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider taking this course:

  1. Because nutrition is so important to our health and well-being, you can’t afford to be uninformed when it comes to what you put in your body. On top of that, you can’t afford to be uninformed when it comes to what you allow in your kids’ bodies.
  2. This course was designed to walk you through your nutritional journey step by step. It’s super simple to follow, and incredibly practical. You won’t have to expend massive amounts of brain power to sort through diets and contradicting information since we break it all down for you in the course, and provide a clear path to follow.
  3. If you homeschool, this course works as a module for your child’s health curriculum. It’s interesting, informative, and practical. What better way to set your child up for success than to give him or her a strong nutritional foundation?
  4. We make our courses as affordable as possible so our friends can have access to the tools they need to live better every day. This way, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.
  5. Finally, we’re pairing our two nutrition programs, so if you opt in to our Simple Eats focus program, we’ll give you our Simple Fuel foundation program for free. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to make the positive changes you need for a healthier, more meaningful life.



Let's Start Now

You are in total control…

if you choose to go through these programs and change your relationship with food…your life will forever be changed.

  • Make huge strides in how you eat so you can feel confident
  • Learn how to manage your daily food choices, feel great, and quit wasting money on junk
  • Develop quality habits and help support you and those around you
  • Achieve independence from fake foods that destroy your cells
  • Feel completely confident and secure in how to eat to support your body
  • Have great focus and be in the best physical shape of your life as a result of giving your body what it needs


Good nutrition is a powerful tool to improve your quality of life, and even add on a few years to your life expectancy. There’s not a much better gift you can give yourself or your family than to be around longer, and enjoy life more with those you love. Through something as simple as changing your diet, you could experience benefits that far outweigh the cost and effort to obtain them. START your Simple Eats program today!

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