Quit Your Fad Diet

& Take Control Of Your Diet

Establish a healthy relationship with food that will lead to greater focus, energy, and weight management.

This is NOT a weight loss program.

This is a mental transformation program.

A solution to our health crisis relationship we have with food.

If your looking for a quick fix challenge or weight loss program, this is not it.

We help you develop life changing habits... starting from the inside. 

Does weight loss occur? Absolutely. but... it's the byproduct not the goal.

The average person spends thousands of dollars throughout their lifetime when pursuing fad weight loss programs.

Adding insult to injury these "diets" come without a solution or long lasting results.

Start saving thousands, instead of spending thousands, and empower long term healthy eating habits with these powerful mindset shifts.

Simple Short Video Lead Lessons Help You Understand:

  • How Food Became A Business
  • Fake Food vs. Whole Foods
  • Food Processing
  • How your body utilizes the food you give it
  • How to Support your eating style with your lifestyle
  • Macro vs. Micro nutrients and how to get a variety of them on a daily basis
  • How to balance your daily meals and snacks appropriately to your lifestyle
  • How to understand the dangers of the dieting cycle and how to manage your weight effectively for longterm health
  • Prepare healthy wholesome meals
  • What foods to avoid and how to substitute ingredients to support food allergies
  • Food prep and grocery tips to help support healthy meals

You are in total control…

if you choose to go through these programs and change your relationship with food…your life will forever be changed.

  • Make huge strides in how you eat so you can feel confident
  • Learn how to manage your daily food choices, feel great, and quit wasting money on junk
  • Develop quality habits and help support you and those around you
  • Achieve independence from fake foods that destroy your cells
  • Feel completely confident and secure in how to eat to support your body
  • Have great focus and be in the best physical shape of your life as a result of giving your body what it needs
→ OK ... Im IN!

All the tools and support you need, all in one place.

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Ditch pointless, unhealthy, expensive fad diets that don't provide any solutions.


Healthy habits build Solutions. Pass these habits on to your kids or next generation.


Not only will YOU benefit from it, but over time the whole family can join in!

"I bought the Simple Eats program for my daughter Noelle (she’s using the class for her high school health as we homeschool;). Anyways she just started the class, and she absolutely LOVES your class-which is amazing because she hardly ever loves any class. It is helping her so much already as she just found out she has some eating restrictions and this is helping her have hope through those shifting challenges. Also it’s been amazing how much responsibility she is taking for her health now that she understands more of how her body works!"


Trade in the Band-Aids for real Solutions.

Ditch the health gimmicks, fads, and trends.

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