About Us...

What makes us unique? Dr. Dusty, a Functional Doctor, and Rae, a Functional Nutritionist, joined forces to bridge the gap in health care. Together, we bring intentionality to two crucial areas while incorporating what we felt was missing: Faith and Family. This fusion birthed Simple Turn, where our collective expertise guides families towards a balanced, health-centric lifestyle.

At Simple Turn, we're passionate about transforming the way families approach their well-being, breaking away from the norms of niche health industries. Our mission is to shatter the mold of toxic and expensive health culture, encouraging a paradigm shift towards empowerment and intentionality leading to free thinkers in the world of health.

We've witnessed how health can often be overly complex or inadequately addressed. That's why we're committed to being a part of the solution rather than perpetuating the problem. We help empower busy families to prioritize what matters most—Faith, Family, and Functional health. This commitment translates into five core categories—Family, Life, Move, Fuel, and Care—providing practical tools that merge seamlessly into your daily routine.

Imagine life as a glass. Priorities, like rocks, should form the foundation. If you start by filling the glass with sand (life's distractions), there's no room for the rocks (your true priorities). But when you place the rocks first—Faith, Family, and Functional health—the rest falls into place naturally. That's the essence of Simple Turn—making health simple by focusing on the fundamental elements that matter most. 

Join us in the journey towards holistic health—a life centered around what truly matters. It's time for a Simple Turn.


     Yours in health,