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move May 03, 2023
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In the past, we received the exercise we needed through farming or through walking where we needed to go. Now, with the rise of knowledge, work and desk jobs, fitting in exercise has never been harder. To address this, an entire industry has emerged, advertising fitness through gym memberships, trendy exercise wear, and special diet hacks. The issue? This approach isn’t providing the whole solution. Just take a look at the overwhelming rate of obesity.


Why Do We Fall For Fads And Gimmicks? 🤦


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The Lure Of Quick Fixes 🎣

As humans, we have a tendency to gravitate toward solutions that are quick and easy. Fads and gimmicks make promises it’s hard for us to pass up on. Need instant results with minimal effort? Yes please! The problem is, these results either never materialize, or are short-lived since they weren’t obtained in a sustainable way


Exercise Has Become A Business 💰

Fitness is an 87 billion dollar industry. It makes sense that they’d make their products and services as appealing as possible. The trouble is, just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it’s effective. What works for one person may not work for the next, but each service or piece of merchandise is advertised as the silver bullet that will meet your health needs. Because of this, it has become increasingly hard to know what really works, and what’s just another fad or advertising piece.



Quit Buying Exercise - Start Moving

It’s time we change the narrative on what really contributes to long-lasting health. While gyms can be a helpful tool, the real solution is to simply start moving more.


Movement Mindset 

Having a movement mindset simply means that you take every opportunity available to you to move. And if there aren’t many opportunities, you make them.

A movement mindset focuses more on helping your body move in natural ways throughout the day that use your full range of motion rather than just a few times of intense exercise, with sedentary behavior in between. Think about it. As humans, we were made to move. It doesn’t have to be crazy. It doesn’t have to be novel. Just moving more the way your body was designed makes an incredible difference in your overall health.

So, how do we start moving more?


Ways To Start Simply Moving More 🏃🏋️🧺🚶🏿‍♀️

There are hundreds of simple ways to move more. Here are a few ideas to slip more movement into your day.

  • Walking - Walking is perhaps the most holistic way to get your body moving. And it’s easy. You already walk more than you think. Be more aware of opportunities to walk, and always take the longer or more challenging route whenever you can. For example, take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, park farther away from the grocery store, always walk to get the mail, and pace the room to think or take a phone call instead of sitting. All of these little ways to fit more walking in will boost your health over the long-term.
  • Body Weight Exercises - Fitting in more movement every day isn’t hard if you keep it short and simple. When you’re waiting for your computer to boot up, do a few push ups or lunges. Do a few wall push ups or jumping jacks when you’re waiting for your coffee to brew. Purposefully do good form squats when you’re grabbing something from a low shelf or cupboard. Use your arms more to get out of a chair, or take it to the next level by throwing in a few dips every time you get in and out of your seat.
  • Common Objects - There are already so many things we lift and carry. Make them work even more for you by treating them like weights. Curl bags of groceries or laundry baskets as you carry them. Pump your trash cans up and down when you bring them to the curb. Carry your backpack or shoulder bag with your arm slightly bent to tax your body more. And when you’re putting something away on a high shelf, heave it up and down a few times before putting it away.

There are many other ways to fit more simple movement into your day. There’s jump roping, crunches, speed walking, pullups, and so much more. You can check out our blog on Mini Workouts, and our Simply Move program for more information and ideas.


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Find A Time To Exercise And To Move ⏳

Fitting movement in with your existing habits makes it even easier to incorporate. Pick a few times or situations throughout your day that will be a trigger for purposeful movement. It could be right when you get out of bed, after brushing your teeth, during a phone call, before taking a sip of water, when you arrive at the office, and so on. The key here is that you use your current routines to bring movement to mind. Every little bit of added movement helps, so don’t discount anything.


☞ Think of 5 ways you can build more movement into your day. Make it fun!

Check out our Simply Move program. It’s packed with more ideas on how to make movement a bigger part of your life.

☞ Watch our YouTube video about how to have a Movement Mindset here.


Let's move!!! 💥

You have access to everything you need to move more and live healthier. It doesn’t have to take hours of extra time out of your week or a new outfit or external location to be fit. You’ll realize that staying fit is natural and what our bodies were designed to do. With the proper support and intentionality, you can cut the fitness bills and still see great progress as you simply move more.

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