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Our health ed programs help you teach your kids how health really works….

There is a huge wave of global chronic disease sweeping over our country, and without a dramatic change in your environment, your family isn’t going to go untouched in this pandemic.

  • Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths each year
  • 1 in 6 of our kids are obese
  • Roughly 1 in 2 of our kids will see their parents break up
  • 1 in 5 of our kids are prediabetic
  • 27% of our kids 12-19 are medicated
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death in our kids
  • Gen Z is the least religious generation

 Dear Parent,

If you’re like us, you’re horrified by the huge wave of chronic disease, broken marriages, and depression that is plaguing our youth of today. 

Why is culture telling us that being unhealthy and broken is “normal”?  Why is culture saying, “Don’t worry…your environment and lifestyle has nothing to do with why your family is falling apart and ½ of your family is medicated. This is just  something that ‘happens’ and there’s nothing you can do to fix it and of course nothing is your fault……Blah blah blah….”

What are The Foundations?

 We pinpointed principles from 5 key areas of life, and built a curriculum around them to support a healthy lifestyle. These 5 areas and the principles surrounding them are The Foundations. Rooted in a functional health philosophy, they provide a basic, proven framework to lead your family toward more abundant health. 

The Foundations gets to the root cause of disease, providing a proactive approach for your family. With more information available than ever before, we no longer have to go along with the pill-for-an-ill model of “health care.” The Foundations gives your family the knowledge to take back control of your own health care—a right that is yours alone.

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Why? Because we are tired of being downstream seeing all the sick and broken families. Its time to separate fact from fiction in the world of health. 

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What's the catch?

There isn’t one. This is a textbook example of a win-win.

See, we have tons of incredible health information, practical tips, and resources to share with you. But until you have the foundations down, those resources won’t do you much good. 

We’re giving away the Foundations for free to get you up to speed on your health journey so you can use us as a resource and actually get the full benefit from our monthly health resources. Make sense?

The end goal is for you to take control of your family’s health, be able to see right through the culture’s tricks and traps, and lead an empowered life that makes a difference for generations. That’s what we’re all about, and we’re doing our best to lay out the simplest path we can for you to follow.

Help the children in your life learn these important foundations of health by signing up now! Heck, you can even use a burner email, we DON’T CARE! We’re tired of seeing people get stuck in the sick-care model and feel like they’re powerless to get out.

We want to be the change we want to see in the world, and that’s why The Foundations is free. No expiration date.

Needless to say…your kids are going to LOVE these courses.

And when they do, the only thing we ask is that you share The Foundations with a friend, family member, or church group! YES, we are that confident that your family will benefit from this program.

You’ve got nothing to lose. We’ve done everything we can to make absolutely sure of that. So give your children the Foundations of health today!

In Health,

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We don't blame you for being skeptical.

We are kind of crazy for offering a Full Years worth of Health Ed Curriculum for FREE.

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True Health touches every area of life.

 As parents, we often find ourselves tackling symptoms all day long, putting “bandaids” on physical, emotional, and relational issues our kids are struggling with. The problem is, we’re usually downstream of what’s causing the issue, not at the source. We’re trying to deal with the damage of water spraying out of a rogue hose instead of turning the water off. A prime example of this trap is the current culture and conventional healthcare system.

For way too long, parents have been at the mercy of the current just-fix-the-symptoms health-care model. But this reactive model not only fails to educate on what health care really is, it’s also focused on simply fixing “broken,” and that’s not health care…that’s sick care or emergency care. Health Care is the proactive approach of keeping the body strong and helping it heal itself before things get out of hand.

Our program creates the framework to track down the root causes that produce the different kinds of symptoms you’re seeing, allowing you to deal with these problems at a foundation level and nurture true health.

Today, parents feel overwhelmed with the ocean of quick fixes, and this health hysteria leaves them ping-ponging from one “solution” to the next, never establishing a healthy foundation for their family long-term.

If you’re like us, you want to help your children learn how to support their basic needs, have healthy life-giving relationships, eat foods that support them, stay active, and contribute their unique giftings to the world. That’s where the Foundations come in.

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What Do The Foundations Teach?

Does self-responsibility really work?

In Simple Life, your kids will learn the importance of being able to define their identity apart from what they do, establish their strengths, and create a healthy environment for their inside and outside health to flourish.

How does movement affect health? 

Today we have to fight hard to find ways to move more!  In Simply Move, arm your kids with practical solutions to get the movement their bodies need to not fall prey to chronic disease and low quality of life. 

Can family impact health? 

In Simple Family, your kids learn that family is EVERYTHING. In a culture promoting brokenness, equip your kids with the knowledge and skills to preserve family, and build a legacy of abundant health that lasts generations beyond their own.

Why is individualized care so important?

In a world that follows a “pill for an ill” model, it’s hard to get to the root cause of health. But it’s not impossible. Simple Care gives the no nonsense approach to health and teaches your kids how their body is designed to function, and how they can support it.

What is healthy food?

In a world where non-food is somehow considered “food,” and “Diet” is synonymous with starving your body, Simple Fuel gives your kids the tools to choose healthy foods to fuel their bodies and eat their way to health.

How does it work?

  1. Take A Program
  2. Do The 30 Day Challenge
  3. Gain Healthy Habits For Life 

What to expect for the AVERAGE PACE:

The average pace to complete The Foundations is 8 months, the typical school year.

What to expect for parental GUIDANCE:

  • PARENT LED: Ages 5-11  (Easy exposure to practical healthy habits) 
  • CHILD LED: Ages 12+


  • Repeat annually (or as needed, until a healthy foundation is established)
  • Apply as a family
  • Recycle with each child
  • Mix and Match the Foundations programs (this is recommended after going through the Foundations at least once before)
Let's Do It!

To Make Real Health Education Available to Everyone

Most parents lack the time, the resources, and the processes to obtain complete health for their family. At Simple Turn, we save you time, give you the resources, and walk you through the processes so you can lay a solid foundation of health for your family. Once you’re actively using all three, your family is on the fasttrack to health!

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The cost of NOT getting The Foundations...

When thinking about living a healthy lifestyle, it can feel like the whole endeavor is an unnecessary investment of time and money. But really, the cost of not living by and passing these foundational principles onto our children is much higher.

Why? Because if we don’t teach these principles to our kids, their quality of life, their relationships, and their ability to impact the world are all put at risk. And not to be dramatic, but the odds of them living a shorter, more aimless life go way up too.

Young people are flocking away from the church, families are splitting apart at heartbreaking rates, and chronic disease and medications are at war with each other while the average life span steadily decreases.

Without equipping your children with the Foundations of health, a culture you don’t trust will teach your kids things you don’t agree with, selling them quick fixes, surgeries, and mindless entertainment to meet their deepest needs. And we both know these so-called solutions will influence their entire lives in the days ahead.

Yes, you get ALL this for FREE.

Why? Because the Foundations is the first step in creating an environment to fight against chronic disease! Master these and then move on to our monthly support bundles!

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