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foundations Apr 19, 2023
Is my child healthy?

With chronic disease, depression, suicide, and obesity on the rise, leading our kids down a healthier path has never been more important. And the sooner the better. The erosion of our health as a society is only getting worse.


Teach Your Children The Foundations Of Health

The first step in guiding your kids toward a life of better health is to help them understand what health and healthcare really are.


➤ Health Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated 

We’ve overcomplicated health in our society. It’s become something so complex that there are now numerous degrees and certifications just to prove you actually understand it. While there are many incredible things to learn about health, the basic idea behind it is very simple. Health means: “The condition of the body or mind and the degree to which it is free from illness, or the state of being well.”

The less illness and disease you have, the more healthy you are. And to add a little more to that, if you are well in mind and body, you are healthy. Simple, right? 🧐

This brings us to healthcare. We’ve already defined the “health” of healthcare. Now let’s look at the definition of care. Care means: “The process of protecting someone or something and providing what that person or thing needs.”

Merging the two definitions, we find the simple truth of what healthcare is and always has been: “Taking care of yourself in a way that supports the wellbeing of your mind and body.”

This means that eating is healthcare. Sleeping is healthcare. Walking is healthcare. Many of the things you do every day, and even during most moments of every day, are actually healthcare.


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➤ Health Has To Be Taught 🍎

Though healthcare is so simple, and is already a huge part of our lives, taking care of ourselves properly to achieve our healthiest selves is the longest stretch of any health journey.

This stretch in your child’s journey is all about teaching them the nitty gritty of what a healthy lifestyle looks like on a day-to-day basis. They won’t inherently know what foods to fuel their body with. They’ll need to be taught how to have a movement mindset to ensure they’re getting enough exercise. And they’ll need to learn healthy sleep habits, and how to avoid things that threaten those habits.

Without this kind of personal training for your kids, living a healthy lifestyle will be an elusive pursuit.


➤ You, The Parent, Are Your Children’s Health Role Model 

In order for health training to be effective, your children will need to see you modeling what they’re learning. Their health habits will be solidified as they observe yours. If they see you eating healthy, they’ll be more likely to do the same. If they see you downing soft drinks and chowing down on junk food, they’ll have no qualms about mimicking that behavior. Your example will help guide them as they travel down the path to better health.


Learn The Foundations of health that have been proven for centuries to make life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Building A Healthy Lifestyle for You and Your Family has never been easier.


A Healthy Lifestyle Wasn’t Being Taught, So We Had To Do Something

Knowing what we did about health and healthcare, and seeing so many people failing to experience true health, we started on our own journey to see how we could make a contribution.


➤ We Did Countless Hours Of Research 🕰

Though we both had a background in health—one as a chiropractor, and the other as a nutritional therapist—we plunged ourselves into stacks of studies, books, and research papers to discover more about health, and where the culture was going wrong.

We also studied practices used for centuries to support health and encourage a wholesome lifestyle. We were amazed how down to earth many of these practices were. They centered around everyday activities, and were far more holistic and simple than the complicated, cumbersome, and piecemeal approach our society has embraced today.

We began compiling our research, filling scores of pages with what we discovered. At the end of that season, we had boiled down our findings to five key areas that contribute to the complete  health of the whole person. 


➤ The Five Aspects Of A Healthy Life ☀️

The five aspects we discovered are Life, Family, Fuel, Move, and Care.

😍 Life represents the wellbeing of someone as a person, how they see themselves, how they interact with the world around them, and how they view life. This aspect is the broadest and most significant.

🏡 Family represents our family and nuclear community. Family is everything, and learning how to prioritize family, strengthen relationships, and build others up is what this area helps us do.

🍽 Fuel represents what we eat. What we fuel our bodies with will determine how effective we’ll be in the other areas. Our health, our energy, and our focus are all affected by this aspect.

👟 Move is all about movement. Our bodies were designed to move, and if they don’t, there’s trouble. Our ability to spend time with others, feel our best, sleep well, and much more are predicated on our movement.

💙 Care covers the things we do to take care of ourselves personally. From sleep, to hygiene, to what we put in our minds, this area is what gives us groundedness, and helps us have the reserves we need to be fit to help others.


➤ Amidst The Chaos, We Had To Provide A Solution 🎯

The discovery of the Five aspects was a huge milestone in our journey, but the next challenge was how to get this information, as well as the practical steps to living a healthy life, into the hands of the people who needed it. So many had already given up on their own health, constantly living with chronic pain or disease, and only paying serious attention to their health when something else in their body broke. We knew we needed to figure out a way to help people take back their role as the guardian of their own health.

And so, Simple Turn was born. Simple Turn was designed to be a community of like-minded individuals who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle together.

To help guide these individuals through the process of pursuing health, we created the Five Foundations.

The Foundations Program

Teaching Families Healthy Lifestyle Habits That Will Last For A Lifetime.




What Are The Foundations? 🙌

The Foundations are the sections of a comprehensive program that goes in depth about each of the five aspects of health.

When we created the Foundations program, we knew each section had to be simple. Though there’s a lot of information packed into the modules, it’s down to earth, and filled with practical steps that piggyback off of what you’re already doing. Since we’re all caring for ourselves one way or another every day, we just needed to create a customizable guide to help hone in on the most effective ways to implement that care. The Five Foundations are that guide.


What Will Your Children Learn? 👧🏽

The point of the Five Foundations program is to teach health in a holistic, practical, and fun way. That being said, it covers the gamut of health from nutrition to how to form good habits, from relationship building to exercise tips, from mindset to bedtime routines. Every important element of health is covered, and all in an engaging way. The information is easy to digest thanks to supplemental material like videos and workbooks, and the exercises are fun and practical, making learning about health a blast.


Learn The Foundations of health that have been proven for centuries to make life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Building A Healthy Lifestyle for You and Your Family has never been easier.


Start Today! 👟

So how do you start down this path and receive a guide for your children to better health? It’s very simple. Just sign up, and you can begin giving your child the health education they need to grow into a healthy, happy adult that contributes good to the world!

You can sign up by clicking here.


Where to begin????👇👇👇

➤ Sign up for the Foundations Program

We created an in depth video you can access here that covers what healthcare really is (and isn’t), what doctors avoid, how to start becoming healthier today, and more!

Share with someone the definition of healthcare we outlined earlier, and see what they think. You may just start a life-changing conversation.


Educating and equipping have always been necessary to the pursuit of health. As parents, it’s our privilege and responsibility to teach our children what healthcare is, and what it looks like to live in a healthy way. That education is what we want to provide to our kids, and we know that’s what you’re after too. We wish you all the best in your journey to a healthier family.

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