Tips to Arrange Your Bedroom for Optimal Sleep

care Mar 05, 2021


Arranging bedroom furniture doesn’t need to come innately to everyone! If you need a starting base for a self-confidence boost, here are a few simple arrangements that will help you tap into your inner Martha Stewart and arrange your sleep oasis.


Bed: The bed is the very first piece that should be arranged. It is typically the largest piece in your bedroom and should capture the room's attention. 


For optimal flow: Position your bed centrally and not in line with the door. 


Bedside tables: Have two bedside tables, one on each side. It helps create balance and also provides practical function.


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Arrangement:  Even if your space feels hardly large enough to fit a bean bag let alone a bed, take these simple hints to better help you arrange your oasis. If you must push your bed up against the wall, leave as little room as possible on the wall side. You will be able to then maximize the opposite side with a larger nightstand, or dresser drawer for storage.  Floating shelves keep your floor space open.


Best Bed Option: Go for a smaller/Full-size bed. A bed frame with built-in storage will also open up your floor space. 


Simple Extras: Clothing racks have the potential to work really well if you have minimal or no closet space. A plant and rug, as well as a small multi-purpose stool can highlight and personalize your oasis.

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Arrangement: To help center the space, add in a large rug (9’x12’ or more) under the bed. Add in matching bedside tables, lighting, chair and dresser. This standard bedroom arrangement creates a beautiful oasis. 

Your Bed: A Queen, King, or California-King size bed


Simple Extras: Add in a long bench at the foot of your bed.


ARRANGEMENT: Even though your instinct might want to place the bed at the end of a room that is long and narrow, retreat and resist! Center it on the long wall and place a luxurious, large rug underneath. 


Your Bed: King or California-King


Simple Extras: Since larger bedrooms typically come with a walk-in closet, get rid of the stand-alone dressers and keep your spacious footprint. A plant or comfortable reading nook can help balance the large space and create flow in your oasis.


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