Blood Sugar—And How To Regulate It

fuel Dec 14, 2022
Blood Sugar—And How To Regulate It

 One in ten people have a blood sugar imbalance, a problem that causes symptoms like fatigue, irritability, weakness, blurred vision, headaches, and increased thirst. Sound familiar? If you’re experiencing any of the above, you may need to take a closer look at your blood glucose levels.


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Blood Sugar 🩸

Glucose is our bodies’ main source of energy. Our systems break down the carbohydrates we eat and convert them into fuel (glucose). Then, our bloodstreams carry that fuel to where we need it most. 

After a meal, our blood sugar levels naturally rise, but our bodies produce the hormone insulin to help regulate this jump and keep our levels steady. When we eat a balanced meal, the sugars in the food are converted to glucose slowly. Glucose enters our bloodstream at a steady pace, providing stable energy until our next meal.

However, when we consume simple sugars, they flood straight to our bloodstream and our bodies receive a jolt of energy that quickly fades—the signature Sugar High and Sugar Crash.

This blood sugar roller coaster is extremely hard on your body, and can lead to many of the negative side effects that were mentioned earlier.


Sugar: A Serious Problem 😱

Sugar has run completely rampant in our society. I was looking over the ingredients of a package of crackers recently, and there it was in the ingredients listsugar. Really? In crackers?

It has become so prevalent that we’ve grown accustomed to tasting it in certain foods, even if we have no idea that sugar is what we’re tasting. Canned marinara sauce, bagels, dried fruit, peanut butter, canned soups, boxed broth, and even bacon often have added sugar in them. It’s crazy, right?

And sugar damages our bodies in dozens of ways. There’s an article online with a full list of 143 negative side effects of sugar consumption, a few of the major consequences being a higher risk of: heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cancer, and premature aging. On top of that, sugar also suppresses our immune systems and can cause food allergies.

By now you’re probably wondering, “So how do we break free of this sugar addiction and get our bodies back on track?” I’m glad you asked. It starts by supporting your blood sugar through the foods you eat.


5 Foods That Regulate Blood Sugar 🥳

Here are 5 awesome foods (among many) that help your body regulate your glucose levels:

  • Oats (High Fiber, High Protein)
  • Animal Proteins (High Protein, High Fat)
  • Nuts and nut butters (Protein, Fat, Fiber)
  • Leafy greens (Micronutrients, Fiber)
  • Avocados (High Fats, High Fiber)

The reason these foods are so good for balancing blood glucose is because they contain either protein, fat, or fiber, and sometimes all three. These elements help slow our body’s use of glucose, thus preventing the spikes that cause jitters and crashes. Using fire as an illustration, consuming simple sugars is like burning paper. Paper burns bright and hot for a few seconds before turning to ash. Eating the foods above is like throwing sticks and logs on the fire instead of just paper. It burns longer and more steadily, leading to more stable energy levels, and less strain on your body.


But That’s Not All…😏

The foods above are incredible, and adding a few other key lifestyle changes will help you lock in their benefits. This is because both diet and exercise are important in regulating blood sugar.


Diet 🍽

There are two other diet changes that will help your body regulate your blood sugar.

First, stop eating refined sugar. Aside from being a comfort food, there is no upside to sugar consumption, and countless downsides. This may be a serious struggle depending on your current diet. Society doesn’t make it easy to cut down on sugar. To help you with this, download and follow our Blood Sugar Bust two week protocol to help curb your sugar cravings.

Second, instead of juice or soda, make sure to drink water throughout the day.


Exercise 💪

Physical activity has been linked to steady blood glucose levels, so slipping on those running shoes or heading to the gym can help stabilize your blood sugar over the long term. That being said, staying active doesn’t have to be complicated. By having a Movement Mindset, any activity can benefit you. Just having it in your mind that moving is better than being sedentary will help you turn even the most mundane tasks into a mini workout, and your body and glucose levels will thank you.

A few final lifestyle changes to think about are reducing stress and getting enough rest, since stress and lack of sleep can contribute to a blood sugar imbalance. Adding a Pre-bedtime Routine to your evening can work wonders in helping you reduce stress and sleep more deeply.


Start Supporting your blood sugar by:

1. Watch our YouTube Video on regulating your blood sugar. It’s the same topic, but coming at it from a different angle.

2. Download our Blood Sugar Bust two week protocol to tackle your sugar cravings.


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