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Healthy Eating On The Go

Healthy Eating On-The-Go

Jan 30, 2021


Can we safely assume that your lives are similar to ours? Some weeks it’s unrealistic to cook everything that we eat, so we want to share with you how we navigate that to support our healthiest, happiest, and fittest selves! 

Fast food doesn’t need to be junk food. How can we make healthy eating on the go the new fast food?  

There are some amazing fast and healthy food options that help support you in a full week or keep you fueled when you are in a pinch. In this blog, we will recommend the fast healthy foods we use. (You know, the ones that are from whole foods, with no additional additives, and support you rather than exhaust you.) But that doesn’t limit you to these options! 


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It is always a win to keep a high quality-protein-packed snack with you on the go. It ensures that you can keep your blood sugar steady, your mind focused and clear, and manage your hunger. 


Our favorite packable protein snacks: 






Some of our favorite packable snacks 

Best Protein Powders 

Tip: Either buy the collagen travel packs, or measure out your protein choice of the day into a dry shaker cup for later on in the day. 

Tote Your Greens 





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On The Go Tools 


Healthy Delivery Options 

Sometimes you don’t need to be out and about, but you still need some support in the kitchen. 

Food delivery shortcuts: 

  • Nationwide Meal Delivery: Sun Basket 
  • Local Food Delivery: InstaCart 
  • Local Food Delivery: Uber Eats, Door Dash 
  • Amazon Prime Grocery Delivery 
  • Vital Choice Seafoods 



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